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Once again, Herzl’s crew of plucky Yids must fight for their lives against a determined foe that wants them all dead. This week, the Muj have stepped up their campaign of rocket attacks against the Citadel Hotel.

Well, it was always a tough neighborhood. Some things don’t change.

See coverage of the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict over at The Propagandist. Here’s one account from one tough guy on the ground:

Life in Tel Aviv is surreal. True, we are all glued to our news sources almost 24/7. At the Carmel Market this morning I heard the sirens wailing over Be’er Sheva, via the tomato-vendor’s radio. It seems that Hamas fires into population centers at carefully arranged times: Because of the need to warn of falling rockets, the radio and TV systems automatically broadcast these alerts; so the enemy rockets are fired around the top of the news hour, when most listeners will be tuned in – and will hear the warning sirens.

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The End

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Jewish news

No. Not of this blog. Just the end of Jewish life in Egypt.

Not that Jewish life was exactly flourishing prior to the Muslim Brotherhood takeover. The twentieth-century ethnic cleansing of Jews throughout the Arab world (which is weirdly ignored by most Westerners, even those familiar with the European Holocaust) only expedited a process that had already been in force for centuries.


The Muslim Brotherhood-dominated authorities shut down the last synagogue in Alexandria (which was also the last one in the country) due to “security reasons” — in other words, “we can’t (and won’t really try to) prevent a Muslim mob tearing you Yids apart limb from limb, enraged by the thought of your celebrating the Jewish religion’s high holidays. You’re not the security threat. The rest of the population that we’ve whipped into a xenophobic, anti-Semitic frenzy is the security threat against you… and we like it that way.”

This is precisely the kind of gangsterism that is so commonplace throughout the Arab world when it comes to Israel and Jews, which I attempted to highlight in the novel.

It never ends.