Buy A History of the Middle Eastside

A History of the Middle Eastside is available in trade paperback and as a Kindle eBook. Order it through Amazon.

The Middle Eastside is the most dangerous neighborhood in the City. That’s where Uncle Herzl and his plucky gang of Yids have staked out their turf. Now the Yid survivors of a turf war in Central Station have come back to the old neighborhood. But their old territory is no more welcoming than anywhere else. Nasser’s gang wants the Middle Eastside for themselves. And they will do whatever it takes, even if it means throwing every last Yid into the harbour. Only with the help of ruthless enforcers like Zev Polanski will Herzl’s gang have a chance of holding on in a desperate war for survival. While the Yids fight for their last block of turf, the gangs from the other boroughs play their own games in the Middle Eastside. And in the dark alleys of Nasser’s slums, a new and lethal force is rising. The most dangerous neighborhood in the City is about to get even more deadly.


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