About This Blog

This blog was inspired by the modern history of Judaism and Zionism and other issues explored in the novel, A History of the Middle Eastside.

The novel tells the story of a desperate gang clinging to a scrap of turf, under siege from all sides by ruthless enemies. There are obvious connections to the history of the Holocaust and the Jewish state’s rise from the ashes, along with the difficult moral issues that came with having to defend the newly-founded state.

Here you will find articles exploring the issues from the novel more deeply, along with relevant topics plucked from today’s headlines. While most articles are written by the Editor, we do welcome submissions.

Submit an Article to A Historian of the Middle Eastside

Send your Op Ed, article, review or other content to jnarvey [AT] gmail [DOT] com

About the Blog Editor

Jonathon Narvey is a writer based in Vancouver, Canada. He is known as a political pundit and an unapologetic proponent for the Zionist cause. His articles can be found in The Propagandist magazine along with a wide assortment of magazines, newspapers, and online and print publications. His Zionism extends from his broader support for democracy, the legitimacy of nation states and the universality of human rights.


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