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Once again, Herzl’s crew of plucky Yids must fight for their lives against a determined foe that wants them all dead. This week, the Muj have stepped up their campaign of rocket attacks against the Citadel Hotel.

Well, it was always a tough neighborhood. Some things don’t change.

See coverage of the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict over at The Propagandist. Here’s one account from one tough guy on the ground:

Life in Tel Aviv is surreal. True, we are all glued to our news sources almost 24/7. At the Carmel Market this morning I heard the sirens wailing over Be’er Sheva, via the tomato-vendor’s radio. It seems that Hamas fires into population centers at carefully arranged times: Because of the need to warn of falling rockets, the radio and TV systems automatically broadcast these alerts; so the enemy rockets are fired around the top of the news hour, when most listeners will be tuned in – and will hear the warning sirens.

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